Jeannine Crofton, Registered Psychologist

“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles” ~ T.F. Hodge
Jeannine is a Calgary Marital Counselor, Psychologist, mediator, academic and educator. In addition to her private practice, Jeannine teaches at Mount Royal University in the Psychology, General Education and Continuing Education departments. She is a member of the Oral Examination Committee for the College of Alberta Psychologists and works with other committee members to assess the readiness for practice of provisional Psychologists.

Jeannine began working with couples in 1997 with the goal of bringing harmony to those relationships. Since that simple conceptualization she has come to understand many of the complexities of how couples come to be together, and stay great together. She also understands how to create meaning and collaboration when transitioning a relationship due to a separation or divorce.

Your experience working with Jeannine will be different than working with other marital therapist’s. Her analytical approach takes you beyond reflecting and communication strategies. Your interaction with your partner will be examined from a “power frame” and strategies will be tailor-made to establish a new way of interacting that meets both spouses’ needs. Incrementally you will build on each success until your relationship reflects your current goals.

Jeannine Crofton - Calgary Marriage Counsellor and Psychologist
Kaylee Gough, Resolvology Office Administrator

Kaylee joined Resolvology Inc. in February 2022. Kaylee brings a genuine affection for clients and many years of experience as an Office Administrator.  She is happy to assist you in any way to make your experience most comfortable.  Outside of the office Kaylee is often found outdoors chasing the sun;  tending the garden, adventuring with her spouse and dog, camping or relaxing at a local patio.  She is more than happy to help you and can be reached at 403-264-1199.

The following outlines my process:

Session one: informed consent, history and goal setting
Session two: time with each spouse individually to screen for affairs, violence and to be clear on perspective, During that time the other spouse completes standardized testing to identify strengths of marriage and examine motivation to change.
Session three: Education about conflict styles and identification of your primary conflict style. Assessment of how power is used in the relationship and the resulting communication difficulties
Session four: Engage clients in deep conversation uncovering the deeper issues motivating the disharmony, continuing to work towards goals established in session one.
Session five onwards: Increasing understanding and providing strategies aimed at helping clients meet their goals.

In the beginning clients can expect to meet three times within the first two weeks. As clients show progress the sessions are scheduled further apart. When the goals established in the first session are met the process is complete. There is an additional session booked three months later to address relapse and affirm the behaviours that are working.

On a more personal note I married my childhood sweetheart and we now have three school-aged children. Our days are filled with work commitments, children’s activities and time with friends and family. I enjoy running, cooking and paddle boarding with anyone who will join me.

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