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“Close some doors. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but because the door no longer leads somewhere”
~ Anon


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When you sit with Jeannine you will have a professional mediator to manage the emotional climate that comes along with separation and divorce.

  • When you and your spouse decide to mediate, you are choosing to collaborate and establish a new relationship as co-parents.
  • Your children are really the winners when you choose to mediate.
  • Engaging in mediation allows you to control the process of separation and divorce and can save your assets for the benefit of your children.

Individual Therapy

Everyone has advice for you when you separate but you are the most important expert to consult. Great insight leads to better decisions.

  • Your adjustment to the separation is one of the most difficult life tasks you will encounter.
  • Jeannine provides you with emotion focused, problem focused and appraisal focused coping strategies at various points along the path of your separation.
  • Feelings of guilt, sadness and regret tells you how strongly you value a committed relationship. While these feelings are very useful you don’t need to allow them to define you or  your future.

Children’s Therapy

Your child has his or her own way of managing the loss of their intact family. Give them the tools to do so without worrying about you.

  • When you choose Jeannine your children are given an unbiased professional to talk with.
  • What happens in session is that children can name their worries and be redirected when they establish beliefs that are untrue and damaging to their self-esteem or sense of security.
  • Jeannine teaches children to see past the separation and recognize theirs and their family’s strengths. Jeannine teaches children how to ask for help when they need it.

Divorce Coaching

  • When you engage in a coaching relationship with Jeannine you gain an ally in becoming your best self.
  • You may be the person who ended the relationship or are renewing yourself and are in need of focus on the future.
  • Jeannine sets the structure to help you set tangible goals. She also assures to keep you accountable to those goals and moves you past barriers when they arise.

So you are on the path of separation? You likely did not imagine your marriage would take this turn. The longer you are on this path the more you realize that there are many roads to resolve your marital matters and arrive at a divorce. Remember that you are the most important expert you can consult. Your priority may be to help your children through the process, to create a respectful tone between you and your former spouse, or to rebuild your emotional stability. With Jeannine you get information, strategies, skills and experience.

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