How can I help you with your marriage?

I help you Redesign, Move through Crisis, or Transition out of your Marriage

Deciding on a marital therapist is an important decision. It must be someone with whom you and your spouse can relate to and respect because you are about to discuss some very private issues. The next decision is to know where to start.

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  • For couples who are feeling like they are in a “rut” or have a general sense of dissatisfaction
  • For couples who are committed to their spouse yet feel they need to renegotiate the terms of their marriage
  • For couples who are open to seeing their “irreconcilable differences” in a new way
  • For couples who have been impacted by a physical or emotional affair
  • For couples who have health issues that are impacting their ability to be happy together
  • For couples who have experienced job loss and are restructuring their roles in the relationship
  • Mediation: For couples who have decided they will end their marriage and need to sort out parenting and property matters
  • Child Therapy: For couples who are concerned about how their children are managing the separation
  • Individual Therapy: For individuals who need therapeutic support for themselves to understand and cope with the loss
  • Divorce Coaching: For individuals who need coaching to navigate the divorce and focus on a new way of living

My services are somewhat unique because I have a strong background in conflict resolution. I am comfortable managing and containing conflict that can feel unmanageable to spouses in the relationship.

In the beginning clients can expect to meet three times within the first two weeks. As clients show progress the sessions are scheduled further apart. When the goals established in the first session are met the process is complete however there is always a session booked three months later to address relapse and affirm the behaviours that are working.

Jeannine Crofton - Calgary Marriage Counsellor

The Resolvology Marriage Counselling Process:

Session one:  informed consent, history and goal setting

Session two: time with each spouse individually to screen for affairs, violence and to be clear on perspective, During that time the other spouse completes standardized testing to identify strengths of marriage and examine motivation to change.

Session three:  Education about conflict styles and identify your primary conflict style. Examine the use of power in relationship and the resulting communication difficulties

Session four:  Engage clients in deep conversation uncovering the deeper issues motivating the disharmony, continuing to work towards goals established in session one.

Session five onwards:  Increasing understanding and providing strategies aimed at helping clients meet their goals.

How can I help you with your marriage?

Start with a free 20 minute phone consultation.

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